Collect bottles? Noo … Bitcoins blackmail!


A retiree has tried to blackmail supermarkets and cash Bitcoins. The project went, of course, in the pants, and the 74-year-old will get legal problems besides financial worries.

Well. If my dear local press two or three years ago had written some positive or even interested articles about Bitcoin, some inhabitants of my city would probably be a bit richer. Maybe one or the other pensioner would not have to collect bottles to pay medicine. But it does not happen, and as so often, Bitcoin only gets into the local newspaper when crimes are in play.

Currently it is about a retiree who has tried to blackmail Haribo, Lidl and Kaufland. The 74-year-old Dortmunder had threatened to poison food and asked for a million euros in bitcoins. To underline the threat, he had even drilled holes in the packs of gummy bears, pizzas and fries, and put a piece of paper on it with “Caution poison!”.

The retiree even went so far as to order in the “Darknet” Zyankali. This, however, he did not want to use to poison the food but to send it as a test of determination to the company. However, the supply of cyanides for 60 euros never arrived. The blackmailer was finally caught because the e-mail address with which he wrote the food companies led to his IP address.

But even with an anonymous e-mail address the blackmail project would have been a handle in the toilet. Bitcoins are, as we have to mention here, NOT anonymous. Achieving a degree of anonymity that disguised returns from a capital crimes such as food poisoning extortion should be far beyond the abilities of a 74-year-old who reveals his IP address in an e-mail and thinks he is actually ordering Zybanali in the Darknet To be able to. If it is possible at all. At the latest in the “Auscashen”, that is, the conversion of the bitcoins into euros, he would have been caught in one way or another.

The reason for the deed is much more scandalous and more creepy than the fact that even retirees are now trying to use bitcoins for blackmail: the pension has not been enough for life. According to his own statement, the Dortmunder received a pension of 180 euros. Yes, correctly read, there is no zero missing. 180 euros. In the same issue of the local newspaper, a former judge is praised for the fact that he is advocating a committee for the “Stuttgarter Landtag” for “only 5,000 euros a month”, which is to decide on a pension increase of the politicians in the Ländle.

Everyone has his own financial style when the professional life is over. One day, our renter was no longer able to pay the prescription fee to the doctor. He still had 3.41 euros in his purse. At that moment, he decided to upgrade his monthly budget with Bitcoin extortion. The sad end of the story is known.

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