VIVA ICO Officially Launches the VIVAconomy


Cheyenne, WY

May 1, 2017

A new cryptocurrency project called VIVA has released for sale 6,500 of its elite VIVA Crown digital assets today. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, owning VIVA Crowns confer to the holder significant powers within the VIVAconomy. Most importantly among these, each VIVA Crown token is a license to operate a VIVA mint. Interested parties are encouraged to visit for more information.

The VIVAconomy is an entire economy based on a three tier, economically stabilized digital currency framework. The project incorporates innovative technologies that not only eliminate the extreme volatility that plagues other digital currencies, but has the potential to provide long term stable recurring income for all participants.

Dawn Parker-Waites, CEO of VIVA explains, “The VIVAconomy harnesses the cumulative power of all the transactions that occur in the system and reinvests them in the long term future of everyone involved. Instead of inflating corporate balance sheets, we aim to provide financial stability for individual human beings. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, there’s no longer a need to pay financiers for keeping track of transactions that can easily be handled on the blockchain at a fraction of the cost.”

When asked about the limited number of digital assets being sold, she replied, “The base currency in the VIVAconomy is the VIVA coin. The VIVA Crown Holders play an important role in maintaining its stability. This is both an honor and a responsibility. There will never be more than 42,000 VIVA Crowns created. After the ICO only one per week will be earned.”

We believe that the potential for VIVA Crowns to take off is enormous.  Its literally a software license that allows the Crown Holder to participate in the economy’s decision making.  From a business perspective owning a VIVA Crown allows you to offset infrastructure costs by leveraging the economic energy that would normally feed banks and government.  And legally, VIVA Crowns are in fact a software license required to run a mint in the VIVAconomy. An asset this important will undoubtedly appreciate in value.”

It is, however important for people to understand that the project is just getting off the ground. The ICO is predominantly to raise funds so we can hire more developers.  At the moment the best way into or out of the VIVAconomy is through, or via bitShares since we have an asset and gateway there now as well. People can also use the two VIVA ATM machines that have been operating in Mexico for over a year.

We’re in this for the long haul, but there’s still lots of work to be done. This opportunity is for people interested in getting in on the ground floor.”

Parker-Waites concludes by noting, “Over the next few weeks we will be announcing the launch of a series of enterprise-class business applications built on VIVA technology. By bringing more and more real world solutions into the ecosystem we will be constantly extending the financial future of all participants. The beauty of the VIVAconomy is that each and every Vivo participates in the benefits of our economic growth.”

For detailed information on how the VIVAconomy works, readers should visit and download the project’s white paper. Media requests should be directed to Dennis Lewis by email at [email protected] and of course please feel free to visit to talk with us in person.

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