The Simpsons just explained Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

Simpsons Bitcoin

The Simpsons have garnered massive attention from mainstream audiences over the weekend.

The world’s longest-running television series gave viewers an overview of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In “Frinkcoin”, episode 13 of the 31st season of “The Simpsons”, the cartoon series devotes more than 80 seconds to educating people about the basics of virtual coins. This episode aired on Sunday in the United States.

The scene begins with Professor Frink introducing Lisa Simpson to cryptocurrencies. He turns on the television so that “the most popular scientist on television”, Jim Parsons, can explain how digital coins work.

Parsons’ discussion is reminiscent of educational shows for children in the early 2000s. It includes an animated book that ends in vocals and describes how a distributed ledger (i.e. blockchain technology) works.

As the book continues its explanation, the show changes to a scene in which Parsons hits the jackpot and the slot machine spits out bitcoins. In addition, a clip is shown in which the book relaxes on a Caribbean island.

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