Ripple: Coinmarketcap pulls off Korean courses


If you look at the nocturnal price development this morning shortly after getting up, two things will have caught your eye. For one thing, Ethereum regained Ripple’s second place after a week in the sink, rising $ 1,200. This was helped by the second peculiarity of the morning: the sudden and drastic drop in the ripple course. About $ 50 and more than $ 20 billion in market capitalization, the XRP token lost in one fell swoop around 6:00.

However, the way the price drops, which suddenly goes straight up, suggests that it is not an ordinary price fluctuation, but that more is behind it. In fact, the reason for the course correction soon turned out. For example, Ripples Chief Cryptographer Joel Katz announced on Twitter that Coinmarketcap has decided to exclude Korean ripple prices from market price and market capitalization. The reason for this are outliers, which would come from a crypto-shortage in Korea. The new course is therefore closer to reality.

Due to the omission of the Korean trading volume, both values ​​fell accordingly. However, investors should not be led astray by this, as Katz points out. The price development Ripples is still stable, even if it initially did not look like it. In fact, aside from the big fall down, Ripple is not currently fluctuating much, with the price going down only minimal since then. However, it should be noted that ripple, taking into account market capitalization in Korea, would still take second place before Ethereum.

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