Danish Bitcoin Baron becomes main sponsor of top ice hockey club


The Danish-born founder of Bitcoin Suisse, Niklas Nikolajson, becomes the new main sponsor of the Danish ice-hockey club Rungsted Seier Capital. Its stadium is renamed Bitcoin Arena, the top player will henceforth receive his income in Bitcoins.

Whether Niklas Nikolajson really is a billionaire, as one newspaper says, or “just” a multi-millionaire, as someone else writes, is probably a private matter – and depends on whether you count in euros or Danish kroner. However, it is likely that Nikolajson, as the founder of Bitcoin Suisse, became a major player in the Swiss “Bitcoin Valley” and probably took in enough bitcoins to buy a considerable fortune.

At least, Nikolajson has enough money to indulge in one of the most beloved hobbies of the super-rich: the sponsorship of sports clubs. And of course, as a Dane, Nikolajson financed a hockey club. “We had a good year, so we can think about where we can help with donations,” said the alleged Bitcoin billionaire, who has transferred a previously unknown seven-figure amount to the club.

In return, Nikolajson may fulfill the dream of many Bitcoiner: The hockey arena, which is called so far Saxo Bank Arena, will be renamed Bitcoin Arena. In the middle of the rink a bitcoin logo is applied, which should have a diameter of 9 meters. A better symbol is hard to imagine: the logo of the bank goes, which comes from Bitcoin.

The agreement for the three-year sponsorship between Nikolajson and the ice hockey club will come into effect on December 27th. Then one of the best players of the team, Nikolaj Rosenthal, is paid in Bitcoin, not in crowns anymore. The hockey player is already looking forward to it, as he has already traded privately with Bitcoins.

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