CryptF announces ICO for the Next Gen Alternative to Traditional Trading


Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be the new mantra for the modern day investors. It can generate huge profits and many times the cryptocurrencies have set records that are only dreamt by traditional stocks and bonds. Just a few days back Bitcoin reached new heights and was traded for huge amounts. Cancellation of SegWit2x hardfork has resulted in bitcoin reaching the record-high $7899 last week. Soon after it strongly recoiled going down as low as $5500 on Sunday. Ethereum was also all-time high with a tag of $407.10 in June. The cryptocurrency had increased 5,000% in value since the beginning of the year.

Investment in cryptocurrency market looks really promising but there can be downturns too. With such high values and high liquidity, cryptocurrencies are extreme volatile items. A slight drop in prices of both Ethereum and Bitcoin caused a market decline of almost $3 billion a few days ago. So the system can make anyone rich in a single day and also put him on the streets in a few hours.

A new digital investment product is on the horizon which can assure the peace of mind of investors. CryptF is developing a new set of cryptocoins which will be supported by traditional stocks and bonds. The value of the coins will be hard-wired to securities of leading blue chip companies who present a decent annual growth. As the price of the coin will be linked with the well performing securities, their value is not expected to swirl down to disastrous levels.
The company is going to launch their ICO is a few days for raising capital for their innovative product. A total of 90 million tokens will be issued in four rounds. 15,000,000 CRFT token will be released in the Pre-ICO phase from 13 to 26 November, 2017. The first round of ICO will be conducted from 4 to 24 December with 30,000,000 tokens. The ICO round 2 and round 3 will be held in January and February and the rest of the coins will be offered for sale.

The volume of tokens for the ICO has been controlled to optimize the revenue for each token holder and ensure the competitiveness of the CRFT tokens in the crypto-exchanges. The tokens are based in the Ethereum blockchain and implement the smart contract technology. Being a decentralized system, all transactions are included in the blockchain and there are no chances of any discrepancies. Each token holder is eligible to receive the distribution of 40% of the quarterly profit generated by CryptF. After the ICO is over it will be possible to trade the tokens through the Crypto-exchanges.

The capital raised from the ICO will be used to develop the investment products of the company. There are three types of cryptocurrency that are planned by the CryptF. The CFIT coin comes backed by the stocks of the top 5 technology companies in the USA. Securities of leading names like Facebook, Google, Apple, and are listed in the portfolio. They provide a good investment option with an annual growth of 37.9%.

Next is the global high value generating bonds which are presented through the CFBND coins. The bonds are picked from 15 developing countries and include Russia, China, Turkey, Greece, and others. Each country has around 10% of its bonds and multiple currencies are involved. It is a good place to invest as the bonds are not as volatile as others.

They will not generate a very significant return, but the consistency is something worth going for. CryptF has also included the gaming industry in their choice of products. The CFGM token are backed by bonds from popular and scaling international game publishers. Including securities of key players like Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive Software, it presents a prospective market to invest. The overall gaming industry is predicted to reach 116 billion in 2018 and presents an annual growth of 58.6%. Investors will be able to purchase the CryptF coins of the category they deserve and make their investment.

At present, the CRFT coins will be issued at 0.001 ETH or its equivalent. Investors will be able to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin. For using any non-Ethereum currency people need to open an account to establish their contact details and receive authorization. 21% of the tokens have been reserved for the company while 9% is maintained for the team pool. The rest 70% tokens have been allotted to be released over the four stages of the ICO. The tokens do not have an expiry date and come with a buyback guarantee from CryptF. The buyback will either done through their own system or the crypto-exchanges.

The company will make an endeavor to publish regular audits and reports of the bonds and stocks for the investors.

CryptF has the capacity to unleash the next revolution in investment industry. It has established a link between the traditional stock market and the new cryptocurrency market effectively through their products. Being backed by securities makes them a less volatile and investors can expect a consistency of performance. But like traditional market, the price of the coins will be affected by the trading of the securities and their rise and fall of price.

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