In the Swiss high-security bunker where millionaires hide their bitcoins


Bitcoin data are stored in a bunker from the Second World War in Attinghausen on Lake Lucerne. Protected from hackers by a lot of rocks and bomb-proof doors. A reporter from the US news portal “Quartz” visited the underground high-security road and made a 360 ° video.

“We are constantly attacked – you can never relax,” says Carlos Rienzi to Joon lan Wong. Rienzi is the security officer of Xapo, managing Bitcoin credit, Joon Ian Wong is a journalist for the US news portal «Quartz».

He recently traveled to Switzerland for a reportage, after Attinghausen at the Vierwaltstädtersee, where Xapo stores customer data. One could also say: a fortune. For whoever manages to get the password of a Bitcoin asset, which made a good prey.

No wonder, Xapo has to fight against permanent attacks of hackers. And no wonder, these data are stored in a bomb-proof bunker in the Swiss mountains.
Army Headquarters in the Cold War

The bunker is no less than the former secret headquarters of the Swiss Army during the Cold War. Its steel doors, which are heavy in weight, are said to be able to withstand a nuclear attack. The plant was built in 1947.

Reporter Joon Ian Wong could enter a part of the high-security system and even make videos and pictures. The video above is a walk through the bunker in 360 degrees. This means that you can look around as if you were walking through the corridors and rooms.

320 meters deep it goes into the mountain, where according to Wong the company has built three buildings, which are connected by tunnels. The heart of the bunker is the so-called “cold space”. It is not only protected against electromagnetic radiation but also sealed. No one ever entered.

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