TitheCoin Offers an Opportunity to Do Good in a Profitable Way


TitheCoin, the latest breed of cryptocurrency that bridges the gap between charity and commercial investments is currently running an ICO. The altcoin built on Bitcoin blockchain-backed Counterparty platform gets its name from an old English word “Tithe” meaning one-tenth.

The name dates back to the days when people were required to contribute 10 percent of their earnings to religious institutions to facilitate charitable and business activities. The concept has since then lost relevance in the mainstream economy. TitheCoin stands to renew the idea, in essence by enabling funding towards carefully chosen community projects that benefit the whole society.

The developers behind TitheCoin are a team of tech-savvy Christians with the intention of modernizing tithe collection and implementation. Their blockchain based initiative not only makes contributions easier but also brings in transparency and accountability to the whole process. The community-focused blockchain project, TitheCoin has the potential to make a real, visible difference in the lives of tens of thousands if not millions of people in a profitable way.

Tithe and similar concepts are prevalent across various religions. While their contributions were used for the social benefit in most cases, there was no concept of monetary return on investment. But TitheCoin, not only empowers the community members to be part of good social initiatives, but it also lets them get the most out of their investment as returns.

Being a crypto token, TitheCoin can be easily transferred and even traded against other cryptocurrencies. Also, investors in the ongoing TitheCoin ICO will also become eligible for the dividends that are paid on a monthly basis. The dividends offered is directly related to the profits generated from supported projects.

TitheCoin launched its ICO campaign on Christmas day 2016. The crowd sale, ending on March 31, 2017, is divided into four different slabs. The first slab, which ended on December 31, 2016, offered a 15% bonus on the base price. The current phase, with 10% bonus will continue until the end of January 2017, followed by the 5% bonus slab during the month of February 2017. The last “no-bonus” slab will be applicable during the final month (March 2017) of the ICO.

The cryptocurrency community can take advantage of the ongoing ICO by investing in TitheCoin. The investment can be either in the form of Bitcoin, Counterparty, Ethereum or Steem tokens. By participating in the TitheCoin ICO, investors will become part of a “profitable” social good platform that offers a good return on investment along with “good karma”.

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