Respectonomy Brings in a Whole New Level of Respect for Quality Content


Social media platforms have become hotbeds for surveillance and censorship. While people can’t keep away from the likes of Facebook and Twitter to satisfy their personal as well as professional needs, they sometimes overlook the fact that their right to free speech doesn’t always matter to the corporates running those platforms.

Respectonomy offers the social media users with a decentralized solution that helps them overcome the barriers imposed by traditional social network platforms. Defining itself as a decentralized, self-moderated social network system, Respectonomy offers users with an open source platform where they can share their thoughts without having to worry about being censored for non-compliance with the “moral and ethical” standards of the corporations or some random individual.

In addition to a censor-free platform, Respectonomy also rewards its users for participation, which offers them an incentive to keep sharing. The platform is powered by RESPECT (RES) crypto-tokens operating on a Proof of Work blockchain. The browser-based implementation uses Bittorrent protocol to enable content sharing on Respectonomy.

Built by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Respectonomy brings the flavor of democracy to the social network. Unlike its counterparts, the platform doesn’t depend on upvotes and reputation management to ensure the quality of content. Instead, it uses its own tokens that can be utilized by the community to vote for quality content. The RESPECT tokens have a value of their own which is imparted to the content based on the number of votes it receives. The value of tokens and content is fairly distributed by the platform’s underlying Proof of Work blockchain.

Respectonomy is one of a kind platform that judges the quality of content by the number of votes and doesn’t assign the reputation of being a good content creator to anyone. It ensures good content quality standards while discouraging spam, ads, and trolls. By being creator agnostic and censor-free, someone who can create quality content stands to gain on Respectonomy.

Those interested in being part of Respectonomy will soon have a chance to do so. In the coming week, the platform is organizing an ICO for the community to invest in. As the platform looks forward to raising 2000 bitcoins, it is offering 4 million RES tokens during the crowd sale. Starting February 1, 2017, cryptocurrency community members can start investing in Respectonomy and make the best out of this opportunity.

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