Legal nationality beyond national boundaries and the role of blockchain. Estonian project case study 


Estonia, well-known by its electronic legal nationality project, is light years away from other countries in digitalization and business convenience area. Well, e-Residency project allows everyone anywhere on the planet to register a company, pay taxes and conduct document management in Estonia.

On March 9 at Blockchain Bitcoin Conference Tallinn, Kaspar Korjus, e-Residency Managing Director, will tell about operating principles of the project and blockchain technology implementation in its infrastructure.

At 29 years old, the expert is listed as #1 on the Forbes Estonia’s 30 under 30 in Technology and Finance category. Megan Smith, Google ex-vice-president, qualifies him as one of 20 global digital technology leaders.

Within Tallinn conference, Kaspar Korjus will conduct an excursion across the global village project based on transparency and equality concepts.

Besides e-Residency Director, the event will involve developers of govtech and fintech services based on blockchain and cryptocurrency business representatives.

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