Deputy Minister of China’s MIIT Visit Huobi China’s Headquarters for Investigation

Of late, Huobi, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume has announced that, they are about to moving its headquarter of Huobi China and its global operating center to Hainan province.

According to Huobi, the local government has put a lot of efforts to promote the high-tech innovation and offers policy support to the firm as blockchain has been recognized as a cutting-edge technology which is important to the economic reformation and may contribute a lot to President Xi Jiping’s national strategy.

On September 28, Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), came to the headquarters of the Huobi China for investigation which shows the Chinese government’s open-mind attitudes and some interest about blockchain industry.

Chen listened to the report from Leon Li, founder of the Huobi. Li indicated that the Huobi Group currently has already obtained legal operating licenses in the United States, Japan and other countries, and has established compliance teams in more than a dozen countries around the world. After that, Chinese financial watchdogs may have a much deeper understanding of blockchain and crypto industry.

Huobi China is the leading blockchain company to locate its headquarter in Hainan Free Trade Zone. As an industrial role model, Huobi China committed to integrating its achievements in research, training, technological development and industrial incubation in the blockchain industry into a series of one-stop service based on its accumulation in the past five years. Which may effectively empower the real economy.

As of the present time, Huobi is providing various blockchain related services including consulting, training, talent cultivation, technology support, project incubation to enterprises based on its technology, resources, talents and capital in the global blockchain industry.

This May, Huobi Labs, a blockchain incubator of the Huobi exchange has already launched a billion-dollar industry fund in Hainan and planned to build a “Global Cultural and Creative Blockchain Lab” there.

Moving the headquarters to Hainan is also one of Huobi Group’s annual plans. In the rest of the year, we may able to see Huobi to complete more of its plans including such as building global labs, research institute and incubator, which may also contribute a lot to the blockchain industry.

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