Chinese Bitcoin Billionaire Zhao Dong Says Next 15 Months is the Golden Time of Value Investing in Cryptocurrency

Crypto billionaire Zhao Dong, a famed Chinese OTC bitcoin trader and cryptocurrency bull, predicted that the following 15 months is the golden time of value investing in the cryptocurrency sphere, despite the nascent asset was trapped in continuous sluggish recently.

“Real value investors should prefer a bear market where they can find many bargains as good projects are usually underestimated in such a sluggish. Of course, it’s no use just buying good coins cheaply, you need to hodl it for the long term.”

After a significant increase in 2017, bitcoin price has tumbled almost 70 percent in 2018. The bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has failed to deter most investors from investing in it.

A recent survey found that crypto investors remain highly bullish on the nascent asset category despite a steep market correction in cryptocurrencies.

59 percent of accredited cryptocurrency investors and nearly three-fourths of retail investors are planning to increase their crypto holdings over the next 12 months.

57 percent of investors and 66 percent of consumers expect growth in crypto valuations over the next year.

At a pivotal moment for the crypto market, what should investors do with their money amid the uncertainty?  Many Bitcoin veterans have given their advice to average investors – “Just Hodl”. Bear markets do help filter out those unqualified investors and lower the threshold for newcomers. According to a previous report by 8btc, 3% of middle-class Chinese, being Cautiously optimistic, have invested in cryptocurrency.

“In the cryptocurrency sphere, the following 15 months is the golden time of value investing. What a value investor should do is to hunt for underrated high-quality project, buy it and hold it for 3 years until bull comes back. At that time, either cash it out, or continue hodling.”

While everyone knows it is not easy to act that way with an uncertain time horizon, maybe 3 years like the period of 2014-2017 when bitcoin suffered its biggest price rallies. As Zhao reiterated, “Winter has yet to come and spring is still far away. But most investors can hardly get through it.” He admitted that he had not made it yet.

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