Binance CEO: The Bull Market will Return, October to December will be the “Good Months”

September 26, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the co-founder and CEO of world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, believes the bull market will return in “any minute” and expects a bright end to the year.

In an interview with CryptoGlobe, CZ demonstrated his point of view on the future of Binance and predicted the next bull run for Bitcoin.

CZ said that he has learned about cyptocurrency from Bobby Lee, co-founder and Ron Cao, founder of Sky9 Capital since 2013. This is his fifth year exploring the crypto world and he believes the decentralized exchange is the future.

Binance is about to take few years to venture into a decentralized exchange, as an innovative experiment which may contribute a lot to the industry, especially at the early stage. The young CEO also disclosed Binance’s five-year plan:

In addition to the decentralized exchange plan, Zhao also shows his interest in wallets. Binance has already partnered with Trust Wallet, to develop its business in the wallet space. CZ also indicated that, the crypto industry will be “so much bigger”, and the crypto market cap may grow “1,000x” in USD in five years.

CZ expects Binance to get as much as $1 billion profits in 2018, and he believes the last quarter in 2018 will be the “good time” for the crypto market. Which bring back the fond memories of Bitcoin’s $20,000 price spike at the very end of 2017.

CZ believes the bull market will return in any minute: “October to December are the good months. Before Christmas are usually the months when the markets go up very often.”

CZ said he always look at the long term and retains his ongoing belief that the value of cryptocurrencies will ultimately soar further.

“I always buy and hold,” said CZ.

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