Bitcoin will double to $2000 USD and More: The Tapscotts on Blockchain in 2017


– A major central bank will live test a digital fiat currency and it will work, very well, leading to broader adoption.
– Large banks will begin shifting large amounts of over-the-counter (OTC) transactions to real-time settlement on private distributed ledgers. Look for JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Santander to lead the charge.
– Incumbent companies in every industry will begin developing a blockchain strategy, hiring key IT talent and launching pilots – for sure, insurers, healthcare providers, music labels, defense contractors and others. Deloitte and IBM are good examples of this.
– Bitcoin will hit $2,000 (that’s right: one bitcoin will be worth $2,000). Ethereum will not collapse, post-DAO, but will become a dominant platform for new apps and new business models. There will be other distributed autonomous enterprises, and they will work as designed.
– A new round of startups will enter this space in virtually every industry, particularly a new class of platform and middleware companies. From what we’ve seen, the innovation may well be stunning.
– The crisis of legitimacy of democracy (as evidence by the recent US election) will accelerate the development and sandboxing of new e-voting systems and new platforms for accountable democracy emphasizing the use of smart contracts.
– Blockchain Revolution will continue to be a global best-seller, in multiple languages, and make the New York Times non-fiction list.

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