OKCoin’s Xu Star Denial his Correlation with OKEx after Released from Police Custody

Star Xu, the founder of OKCoin and OKEx, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has been released from the police station on September 11 evening after 24 hours assisting an investigation into a fraudulent scheme. As of press time, those investors are still holding right protection activities in Shanghai and Beijing.

Of late, it was also reported that, on the officical website of OKEx,  the word “OKCoin” has been removed from the team instruction. In the registration method, the sentence of “If you have previously registered in any platform including OKCoin, OKCoin international and OKEx, you can use the ID to log on to OKEx” has also been deleted. Thess initiatives can be seen as an effort to distance OKCoin from OKEx.  

Xu Star has always been associated with OKCoin in the previous media reports. However, he seldom mentions his relationship with OKEx.

In this February, Xu has claimed that he has resigned the CEO of OKEx. the spokesman of OKCoin also added that, the OKEx business has always been managed by an overseas work team, and Xu is in charge of the development and application of the OKChain.

On July 2, the official website of OKEx announced that, as OKEx was redomiciling from Belize to Malta, the registered name of OKEx will be changed from OKEx Technology Company Limited to ACX Malta Technology Company Limited. OKCoin also claimed that the two companies had been separated and operated independently since October 2017.

However, although Xu is trying hard to disown OKEx, people still believe OKEx is actually operated by OKCoin and Xu is the also the man behind OKEx.

OKCoin and OKEx share customer service teams in Ireland, Russia and Singapore. In addition, OKEx’s Chief Operating Officer Zhang Jiangyao and Business Development Vice President Liu Yujiang are also executives at OKCoin.

It is hardly convincing that these two companies only had some technical and service cooperation in early time without any direct relationship at present.

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