Bitcoin Video Casino Player Hits Home with a Massive 259.74 BTC Jackpot!


Bitcoin Video Casino, a leading name in the Bitcoin gambling industry, has paid out a 259.74 BTC jackpot to an anonymous player. After placing a bet of 0.1 BTC on Bitcoin Video Casino’s popular Slots game offering, the player, “#28ea0d38e1”, received the massive payout (which was equivalent to €259,399 at the time of winning).

Bitcoin Video Casino is an online casino that exclusively uses Bitcoin. It is provably fair and offers anonymous play without registration. It boasts a house edge of just 0.5% and has several popular games that draw inspiration from the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas.

Bitcoin Video Casino has been functional in the cryptocurrency gambling industry since 2012. The platform has so far paid out tens of thousands of BTC in winnings. This latest big jackpot on Bitcoin Video Casino’s Slots game is one of the largest wins in cryptocurrency gaming history.

With an expected return rate of at least 99.5%, Bitcoin Video Casino is known to offer the best odds in the industry. This implies, depending on which game you play, the house edge is just 0.5% or less.

Previous payouts on Bitcoin Video Casino’s platform have been as high as 765.65 BTCs for a 0.2 BTC bet (in May 2014). Other top payouts, including the latest, are listed in the “Big Wins” section of the platform.

The platform is popular for its unique gaming experience as it has styled its game offerings close to the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas. Players on Bitcoin Video Casino can choose from a range of games including Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice, Craps and Keno.

Customer privacy is guaranteed as it also allows players to stay anonymous while placing bets as registration is not required on Bitcoin Video Casino. Moreover, all games are provably fair, and payouts are instant.

The cryptocurrency gambling platform also has an attractive referral program for those who wish to spread the word about Bitcoin Video Casino and earn a few bitcoins in the process.

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